Chalcopyrite (Peacock Stone) Meaning And Spiritual Properties

Power & Benefits of Chalcopyrite (Peacock Stone):

Chalcopyrite is good for perception. It is helpful for martial arts as it improves the flow of Chi. It helps to develop and strengthen your inner vision. It gives you grounding and stabilizing energies that will help you to stay balanced even when things are happening in your life.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Chalcopyrite helps with all psychic abilities. It is good for connection to the universe and meditation. It removes energy blocks and balances color in energy.

Chalcopyrite fosters inner security, by showing you that abundance is a state of mind. It helps to enhance your inner knowing and helps you trust what you see psychically.

The Physical Connection:

It is thought that Chalcopyrite is good for the lungs and genetic material. It is said to help with bronchitis, brain tumors, fever, inflammation, and the side effects of chemotherapy. It is thought to aid in detox and promoting hair growth.

The Chakras Connected to Chalcopyrite (Peacock Stone):

Crown Chakra.

Astrological Signs:


Locations Found & History:

Brazil, Mexico. Chalcopyrite gets its name from the Greek words of Khalkosor Chalkos, which means copper and pyrite, and also strike fire.

Rarity, Value & Variations:

Chalcopyrite is also known as Peacock stone because of its vibrant colors that look similar to the colors of a peacock's feathers. Colors include blue, gold, green, and purple, usually bright iridescent. The color is produced by natural oxidation on the surface. Occurs as octahedral crystals, masses, and tetrahedral crystals with sphenoid faces. Scratching the crystal may remove the bright colors to expose gray rock. The colors come from the oxidation of copper and iron in the crystal.

How to Use Chalcopyrite (Peacock Stone):

Chalcopyrite is considered the Stone of the Mystic because of its ability to open your crown chakra and your channels for the flow of information. It is a good crystal to use for acupuncture, acupressure, Tai Chi, and other practices that involve the movement of Chi because it helps move Chi and dissolve energy blockages. Use meditation to help you achieve the state of no mind. It also has the unique ability to help you find lost or missing objects.