Best Crystals To Raise Your Vibration

We frequently hear that we are made of energy. It is true in more than one way. Although we have a physical body, we possess an energetic body too. It has its characteristics and manifests in realities beyond those we can see. 

What we think, feel, and desire is also energy. A good mood is good energy, and a negative attitude is considered toxic.

In fact, these are today pretty common expressions, but the meaning behind them might escape us.

Let’s try to understand why raising our vibrational frequency makes a real difference in our lives.

A Matter of Vibrations

Everything in the universe has a molecular vibration; nothing is still. Everything vibrates and circulates in different “frequencies” that communicate with each other. You are in a vibration frequency too, all the time. Check it just by putting your hand on your heart: if it beats, it is because you are alive. Those heartbeats are an example of what we call vibrational frequency.

But before moving forward, we must better understand some concepts inspired by science. Physics is the science that studies matter, its behavior, and the relationships between it, energy, space, and time.

For physics, “energy” is defined as action and producing a movement, change, or transformation.

This energy can propagate in the form of waves or oscillations and is what we know as vibration. When we talk about frequency, we refer to the number of times a wave oscillates (goes up and down) per second. A unit that measures this wave, a physical unit called Hertz, is used.

As you can imagine, this means that the higher the frequency, the faster the wave vibrates; the more energy is produced and the more alive we are. While if this frequency is lower, the opposite happens.

High Vibration

We use vibration, energy, and frequency in natal charts or specific numerological analyses. The idea is to measure a partner’s compatibility in regards to cycles and other meaningful numbers. The same applies to businesses and human relationships of all kinds. This is because our energy frequencies are related to and influence all aspects of our lives.

Now, as we said before, everything in the universe vibrates constantly, and that includes us. Your organs, for example, have a vibrational frequency. When this is reduced, it is capable of compromising even our health.

When the levels of this energy frequency are low, it is customary to see physical or emotional discomforts appear. Our perception of the entire universe surrounding us is damaged.

We can see this in places like hospitals, bars, or prisons; We also see it in those paralyzed by fear, sadness, overwhelmed, anguish, worry, hatred, resentment, or stress.

On the other hand, when our energy levels are higher, love, creativity, and satisfaction invade our lives. 

A Toxic Addiction

When we try to find the cause of our negativity, we need to look at our lives and, in particular, how we spend our spare time. How we relax may tell us a lot about our vibration levels. Junk food, for instance, sneaks into the diet of most people, which includes those who make an effort to eat healthily. It creates a desire that is hard to avoid and is easier to find in any part of the world than a healthy alternative.

The News channels on tv need to compete for our attention now more than ever. This is not a competition that wanders on the upside of our reality. On the contrary, it feeds on the shock it gets from you to get more views. The same happens on the internet. Our social feed is full of random disinformation and shocking fake news. 

It is not possible nor desirable to disconnect from the reality around us. Still, we can decide to look at the news for a short while every day and maybe go deeper into a particular situation that indeed calls to us.

Raising Our Vibrational Frequency

We have an incredible capability of adaptation. Our energy bodies have a greater potential than we can imagine. It is why many people discover they have the ability to heal others once they reach a certain age. Our aura is capable of notable shifts, and we can develop the sensitivity to perceive and cause them. You can achieve this through yoga, meditation, and many other techniques combined with the best crystals to raise your vibration.

There are many things we can do to raise our vibrational frequency. The effects are not only observed in how we feel. Human beings with a higher vibration can face any disease much better than those whose immunity is compromised by previous pathologies or with a low vibrational frequency. In fact, a low vibration makes us more prone to get sick easily.

A High Vibration Life

Focus on what you want to achieve, do not focus on the bad, put your intention on being healthy and happy. Sing, laugh, love, and do what you like. Please abandon your complaints and do not let fear become your prison. Keep in mind that we are responsible for impulsing our reality in the direction of our dreams. It is a waste of time to allow uncertainty to paralyze our projects. We need to find our own inspiration. Similarly, we should be careful with those situations, places, or objects that lower our vibration. It is essential to learn to release negative emotions so that your vibrational frequencies are high and you remain connected to a well-being state.

Raising Your Vibration 

Everyone wishes they were always in a state of high vibration. When we are vibrating high, we feel excellent, and we have more energy on a day-to-day basis.

Sure some days you feel full of energy and want to conquer the world, and others not so much; you don’t even want to get out of bed to start the day. Well, this has a lot to do with your vibrations.


Meditating with crystals or just sitting quietly, holding one in your hand, can help you change your vibration from negative to positive.

A positive feeling within your etheric body can bring you emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual healing. An improvement in the good vibes within your body can help you in several ways. If the result is that you can find inner peace, or if it enables you to find ways to be happy, this can lead to excellent results.

As your overall vibration improves, you may find that the outcome is an increase in the level of endorphins that your body creates. If you have a change in your overall outlook for the better, this can only be positive.

As the good vibrations within your body increase, you may find that these positive thoughts flow through an overall improvement in your health and well-being and stronger self-confidence.

A crystal can help you change its vibration by its vibratory nature, so its use in meditation can be beneficial.

If you allow the resulting good vibrations to flow into your etheric body, this can enhance any part of you that needs help.

A Few Choices

The beautiful purple amethyst crystals have a strong vibration that calms the emotions enough for the meditation to be really engaging. They also improve psychic skills, starting with intuition—a must for those who had a terrible setback in their path or suffered a great loss.

Rose quartz provides intense energy that stimulates thoughts and feelings of love. Still, if it is a profound change you are after, hold a moldavite; it has a transforming high vibration. The Herkimer diamond is another excellent example of high vibration that can influence significantly on your practices.

When doing a crystal meditation, these are some of the best stones to use as they will calm your mind and help you relax while putting in motion real change. As you meditate or just sit quietly, thank the spirit for its positive influence in advance.

Starting A Routine

  1. Power Mornings.

They say that the success of your day depends on how well you start it. That is why it is crucial to have a morning practice that serves as an energetic, mental, and emotional seal with which you stay the rest of the day. This can be to start the day with exercise, have a meditation or yoga session, read a few pages of a book, and listen to your favorite music. Anything that fills you with energy and makes you feel good is excellent to start the day with a good vibration.

  1. Be Open to The Present Moment

This is one of the critical points because today, most people live hectic and stressful lives. And in that constant turmoil and worry, they cannot find themselves. To avoid this, try to slow down and be aware of the present. Enjoy the moment, the people who you’ll see today, enjoy the food. When you eat, leave your cell phone and focus on chewing your food and enjoying it. Connect with the now.

  1. Meditate.

This is another way of connecting with the present and with your own essence. Find a simple technique to start and later on see what you feel needs improvement. Meditating with the best crystals to raise your vibration also helps you calm your stress and anxiety. You will enter a peaceful state of mind and think things more clearly, which helps raise your vibration.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people.

You should surround yourself with people who have a high vibration, people who inspire you, give you encouragement, and wish you the best—people who approach life with passion. If possible, stay away from toxic people you know are takers but not givers.

  1. Gratitude.

This practice connects you to the state of abundance in your life and allows you to focus on everything you have and not what you don’t have. Being grateful is a clear sign of finding ourselves vibrating high. As you spiritually embody this sense of gratitude, your attitude of gratitude will bring extra energy to the situation, and a more profound healing can occur.

While doing any of these activities, take time to think positive thoughts, and you may feel an extra lift in your vibration.

To increase your feelings of gratitude, you may want to keep a gratitude journal. Writing in a journal every day about all the good things you have is incredibly empowering.

  1. Find positive content.

Find a mantra with which you most identify and repeat them every day. Or use a positive affirmation that will help you change some negative thoughts you have. Also, fill your social networks with people who provide you with this positive content. Every day when you see your cell phone, you will feel inspired and raise your vibration. We already mentioned tv news, but also stop following so many news outlets. The idea is to surround yourself with content that generates a positive impact.

A Lifestyle

It is vital to mention that in order to get the best results, and you will certainly get them, you have to see this as a lifestyle. It’s like trying to maintain a fitness routine: every day, you invest time and energy in it, go to the gym, eat and sleep well, etc. Keeping your vibration high is something similar; you have to dedicate time to it and keep your new habits. The best crystals to raise your vibration are both potentiators and reminders of your inner energy work.

The key to avoiding failure is to create a routine that suits your life. Thus your rituals can slowly blend in with the rest of your tasks. Each subtle change you make today can exponentially affect how you live tomorrow.