Crystals for Friday the 13th

For centuries, Friday the 13th has been surrounded with superstitions of misfortune and downright unluckiness. Very few are aware that before patriarchal times, this day was believed to be the day of the Goddess and a day to worship the Divine Feminine within us all. For many, it is a day to honor the cycles of creation – death and rebirth. This is a powerful day to manifest by honoring your creativity and celebrating beauty, wisdom, and nourishment of the soul. The number 13 holds sacredly potent feminine energy. Curiously enough, there are 13 moon cycles every year and the average woman experiences 13 menstrual cycles per year. We truly are magic. But whether you believe in the former, the latter, or both somehow altogether, there are ways to honor the Goddess and protect yourself at the same time. Here are 6 crystals for Friday the 13th.

For Protection there are a few options for crystals that help to keep you and your energy safe. They work best when carried on your person and especially when used as a talisman. 

Black Tourmaline is known for its ability to deflect and absorb any negativity that may try to penetrate your energetic field. It acts as a powerful barrier between you and anything that could potentially harm you, mentally, spiritually, and physically. This stone is especially perfect for anyone hoping to do some ritual, spellwork, or crafting on Friday the 13th. 

Fluorite is a powerful stone to have nearby, whether you believe in curses or not. It acts as an invisibility cloak so you may wander as you please, safe from the gaze of any evil eyes. Cleanse your mind and your aura before wearing this stone to ensure proper protection.  

Blue Kyanite is best known for its ability to instill peace and calm as well as mental clarity. It relieves stress, fear, and anxiety to keep you level headed and at ease on this day that can be worrisome to most. As it improves your capacity for logical thought and reasoning, it can be a great companion to help you maneuver through any sticky situations. 

To Honor the Divine Feminine, choose crystals that resonate with love and natural feminine energy and wear them around your neck or simply sit them on a windowsill to charge under the moon. 

Moonstone is a very powerful stone of transformation and opportunity. Aside from it being directly related to the feminine energies of the moon, it also provides the foundation for manifesting anything that is in your best interest to have. Wear this stone near your crown chakra to form a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine and to open new pathways for your spiritual journey. 

Rose Quartz, as the stone of universal love, lends its energies to Friday the 13th in the form of compassion, love, and understanding. It teaches us to be more mindful of the feelings of others and promotes harmony in relationships that may otherwise be affected by the chaotic energy of this day. As it carries the energy of Venus and the Goddess of love Aphrodite, it nurtures the parts of us that are caring and lends wisdom to those seeking. 

Pink Opal is known to open and activate the heart chakra, stabilizing the emotional body and making one more receptive to and giving of love. It promotes introspection and helps to create a deeper connection with the divine feminine within us all. It strengthens our sense of self and allows us to tap into our own inner power. 

You can celebrate this day by lighting a candle, meditating outdoors in nature, or just sitting under the moon to soak up the energy of the divine feminine. Crystals for Friday the 13th can be incorporated into basically any practice by wearing them around your neck or holding them in your hands. If you’d like to get creative, set some crystals inside or around your candle to harness their energies and make the most of all they have to offer in relation to the magic of this day. As usual and importantly as always, cleanse and charge your crystals. The moon on this day is especially powerful for charging your crystals with the energy of the Divine Feminine, an offering in celebration of the Goddess. Get creative, be mindful, and have fun with it!