Crystals for Money

Manifesting money sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t have to be just that. Attracting wealth and abundance is as simple as finding the right healing crystals to do the job for you. Let’s not get carried away here though, you still need to put in the work and effort required to earn money, these crystals just help the process along a little faster. That being said, here are ten of the best crystals for money and how you can use them to improve your financial standing. 

Pyrite, otherwise known as fool’s gold, is a powerful stone of manifestation. If it could speak, it would say “as you wish it, so it will be.” This metallic yellow stone fine-tunes the thinking process so you can focus on your goals and work to achieve them. Meditate with pyrite and speak it into existence.

Green Jade is quite possibly one of the most popular crystals for money that bring not only harmony and happiness, but also abundance and prosperity. In the midst of trials and tribulation, green jade whispers words of comfort to the heart, reminding you that you carry within you all the power you will ever need. 

Green Aventurine lends its energies to promote strength, confidence, and the courage needed to overcome any obstacles standing in the way of you and your money. Also known as the stone of adventure, it pushes you to take those chances you wouldn’t normally take, keeping the doors of opportunity wide open. 

Malachite, with its twisting bands of green hues, brings to mind lush forests and strong, flowing rivers. It provides the willpower and determination necessary to wind around, above, and under anything that stands in your way. Stimulating self-confidence, it pushes you onward to success despite hardship. 

Citrine masters the creativity center, lending unimaginable power to your own manifestations. Its boundless energy helps you to find and realize your innermost dreams and desires, bringing with them the gift of abundance. Where there is financial stagnation, citrine will revitalize the flow of money-making energy. 

Tiger’s Eye is an intuitive stone that encourages us to feel a situation rather than think it. Its perceptive energies help to open the third eye chakra, making you more aware of opportunities and chances for new beginnings. Enhance the possibilities for success with this stone of prosperity. 

Emerald strengthens the heart and provides opportunities that present themselves in many forms. It reminds us of the beauty in the universe and the abundance it can gift to us if we learn how to appreciate what we already have.


Ruby is a stone of passion that lends pure life force energy on all levels. It stimulates the root chakra to keep us grounded yet enthusiastic about the challenges ahead. As it amplifies mental energy, ruby instills focus and concentration to get the job done effectively and successfully. 

Golden Obsidian is a stone of manifestation and luck that helps you realize your true power and potential. Its energies encourage you to look within and reclaim your strength through authenticity and self-acceptance. When in doubt, golden obsidian will show you the way to success, arriving as a wealthier and more magical version of yourself. 

These crystals for money are best kept in the purse, wallet, or cash register- basically in any place where work is done or business is conducted. Place them on your altar or in your rice bowl to incorporate their energy into your practices. In Feng Shui, place a cluster of any of these crystals in the Southeast or rear left part of the home, the area responsible for wealth and prosperity.