Crystals For Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is a common problem that most people experience at one time or another. There are all sorts of reasons why you might get a stomach ache now and again, with most cases not being serious and the symptoms passing quickly.

Some simple solutions can help relieve stomach aches that usually can be found in the kitchen. One way to relieve mild stomach pain is by having a glass of club soda, or ginger ale. Ginger is another cure-all that can often help stomach pain or nausea. It can be an effective treatment for some kinds of stomach upset. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory available in several forms to include ginger chews and supplements that are easy to take, which is why ginger ale might also help. A cup of chamomile tea can help to ease the pain of an upset stomach by acting as an anti-inflammatory. A heating pad or hot water bottle may also help.

Crystals are another way you can relieve stomach aches that are due to anxiety, stress, and depression. The following are just some of the crystals you can try.

Agate helps to balance the yin/yang in the body. It is a soothing and calming stone that brings great strength. Placed on the abdomen or taken as an elixir it stimulates the digestive process. It is thought to heal the stomach.

Amber is considered a powerful healer and cleanser. It imbues the body with vitality and is thought to draw disease out of the body. It alleviates stress and helps treat the stomach. Place as appropriate.

Aquamarine helps to bring calm, compassion, and spiritual awareness. It helps to balance the Throat Chakra and assists in curing digestion problems. To efficiently use Aquamarine, hold it on the Throat Chakra.

Barite helps to release long-repressed emotions and restore calm in the body. It is thought to calm the stomach and the nervous system.

Beryl helps to alleviate anxiety and stress. It treats the stomach. Place as appropriate.

Blue Lace Agate is a gentle and calming stone, that brings balance and emotional stability. It helps with fluid retention and a detoxifier.

Citrine helps with anger and yin/yang balance. It is a stone that has been used for ages to boost digestion and help in treating stomach-related issues. It is good for the digestive system and all related disorders.

Emerald brings vitality, patience, and honesty. It is good for the health of the immune system. It is beneficial for detoxification, soothing your nerves and upset stomach. Just place the crystal on the area of the stomach where you feel the pain and it will do the rest.

Green Fluorite helps to ground excess energy and dissipate emotional trauma. It is thought to relieve stomach disorders and cramps in the intestines.

Jasper. This is a crystal that helps in relieving stress. According to evidence, stress may lead to some major digestion problems. Stress will lower our good health and give birth to a lot of other diseases and problems in the body. Placing this crystal on the abdomen will make you feel wonderful.

Jet helps to draw out negative energy and alleviate unreasonable fears. It is thought to heal stomach pain.

Obsidian is a grounding stone that offers protection. It is thought to be good for digestion or other stomach troubles.

Peridot is sometimes called the feel better stone. It is good for the health of the colon, and intestines. It helps digestion and detoxing, and acts as a general physical tonic.

Turquoise is an efficient healer, that helps with the well-being of the body. It reduces excess acidity in the body and benefits the stomach. It has anti-inflammatory benefits and alleviates cramps and pain.

Each crystal has its unique property and can be helpful when used on its dedicated Chakra within the body. Place as appropriate. If you notice that you are consistently having stomach troubles after eating certain foods or engaging in certain activities, you'll want to talk to your doctor about your symptoms.