Incorporating Crystals into your Card Readings

Card reading has become one of the most popular forms of divination since its invention in the fourteenth century and with the evolution of this particular tool, we now have modern decks with various unique styles, designs, and interpretations. Whether you’re into a more traditional version like Tarot, you prefer Oracle readings, or if you’re a super awesome magical being who chooses to combine the power of both, there’s certainly no doubt that personalization is key. One of the ways you can make your readings personal to your preference and energetic frequency is by choosing crystals that complement where you’re at. Whether you’re a new witch or an old witch, hold no doubt that you’re a bad witch bitch and you hold the power to manipulate your circumstances (without compromising the wellbeing of others). Everything is energy, from the fingers you type with to the sound of clicking on your keyboard – and your cards and crystals are no different. One thing you should keep in mind if you want to have an accurate and intuitively “correct” reading is the importance of balancing the energy in your environment as well as in your mind. Open your third eye and align your chakras as best you can before you shuffle the cards. For your pleasure in learning, we’ve put together a short and simplified guide to incorporating crystals into your card readings. 

Cleansing Energy for an Accurate Reading 

Because everything is energy – meaning that energy affects energy – it’s important to keep every aspect of your practice in equilibrium (or even to tip the scales a little in your favor). You can do this by cleansing your space, yourself, your crystals, and your cards with either smudge smoke or sound cleansing. If you prefer smokeless cleansing but still want the benefits of certain herbs, you can find or DIY essential oils with said herbs and dilute it in water to create a spray. It’s also important to make sure you’re in the right headspace before touching your cards or your crystals. Spend a little time meditating or simply sitting in silence to clear your mind and rid your thoughts of negativity and anything else that might set you off track.  

Crystal Energy and how it Affects your Reading

For each reading, there’s a different vibe – you’ll know this whether you’re a beginner, professional, or something in between. This is why (as mentioned above) it’s important to get yourself in the right vibration, cleansed and ready. Depending on the type of reading you’re doing, you’ll want to choose crystals which help your cause: centering yourself, opening up to your intuition, and matching the vibe of the reading. 

  • For centering yourself: clear quartz, smoky quartz with white sage
  • For tapping into your intuition: lapis lazuli, amethyst with basil & palo santo
  • For matching the vibe: completely depends on the type of reading (but blue calcite to communicate with your spirit guides)

Infusing your Crystals with Intention 

Before you even begin a reading, consider the way you cleanse and store your cards. It’s important to incorporate crystal energy into every aspect of your practice. You may keep your cards on a selenite plate, although some may prefer to store the cards inside a dark bag (a color which enhances psychic power) with crystals sewn into the lining or even just sitting in the bag with the cards. As mentioned before, you can even cleanse with smudge smoke or oil-infused sprays – just be mindful that certain oils and liquids may affect your crystals.

Incorporating Crystals into your Card Readings 

Contrary to popular beliefs, card readings shouldn’t be complicated. Yes, there are certain guidelines to follow concerning the general interpretation of your reading as well as the selected deck you’re using, but it all comes down to your own intuition and what you’re feeling at the time. If you’re doing a reading for yourself, spend a little time finding your main energy center and then choose a crystal that works best with what you’re feeling. If you’re doing a reading for a friend or client, have them center themselves and then intuitively choose a crystal from a bag. You may even choose one for yourself and then have them choose one for themselves. 

If this is a general reading, try to choose a neutral crystal that carries balanced energy like clear quartz for clarity and cleansing, hematite for grounding, or smoky quartz to keep the energy down-to-earth and unbiased.

For readings regarding finances, you’ll want to choose crystals that support your purpose and counteract the energies working against it. For abundance and success, consider carnelian, pyrite, green aventurine, and/or jade. Think of lucky stones and those that bring energies of plentitude. 

For readings regarding love and passionate relationships, try to incorporate crystals that relate to the heart and root chakra – to keep you grounded and to promote love. These crystals would include – but are not limited to – rose quartz, garnet, rhodonite, pink opal, and moonstone. 

Whatever type of reading you’re getting into, it’s always important to have protection and balance, especially while doing a virtual reading as there can be a lot of interference. Black Obsidian or Black Onyx protects the aura from outside influence while Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli allow you to tap into the power of your third eye and better connect with your querent. 

Before, during, and after your reading it’s always a great idea to keep your crystals on  your reading table or in your pocket – placing the crystals atop your deck of cards also charges the deck with your intention and with the energies of the chosen crystal. 

Spirit Guides and your Readings 

No matter how much you think you know, everyone needs a guide or two – personally, I wouldn’t be where I am today without mine. They can come in the form of a person, an angel, the deceased, or a strange voice in your head. Spirit guides lend us wisdom and guidance through messages via the subconscious mind whether we ask for it or not. When working with guides, it’s especially important to clear your mind of any inhibitions so that you can receive their messages clearly. Crystals to communicate with your spirit guides include blue lace agate, blue calcite, selenite, azurite, aquamarine, and selenite. 

Hold the stone in your hand during your practice and you’re sure to find the answers you seek.