Making Crystal-Infused Elixirs

With the advancement of spiritual medicine and crystal healing, it’s become a common practice for crystals to be incorporated into pretty much any and every aspect of life. From facial rollers to candle kits and yoni eggs, crystals are now widely recognized for their healing properties and the ways in which they can be used to better ourselves, spiritually, physically, and mentally. One method that’s become quite popular and for good reason, is infusing elixirs with crystal energy, which can then either be consumed, worn, or used to anoint and dress your crafting tools. Given the fast growth of the spiritual community paired with the simplicity of online shopping, you can pretty much find anything you’re looking for at the touch of a button. If you want to add that special touch to your oils and elixirs however, or if you just don’t want to spend the cash on something you can make yourself, there are a few ways you can create them at home. 

Crystal-infused elixirs and oils are a great way to literally apply the energy of a crystal through the medium of a spreadable liquid. These elixirs can be water-based or oil-based (some people even opt for a mixture of both), but it’s important to remember that depending on which it is, it shouldn’t always be consumed unless it’s a pure elixir of clean water infused with safe crystals. Fluorite, for example, should never be used to make a drinkable elixir, but it’s perfectly fine if you’re making an oil with which to anoint yourself or your candles.

The crystals you choose to infuse your elixirs will depend greatly on the purpose for which you intend to use said elixirs as different crystals carry different properties and while it essentially comes down to your own intuition and intention, it’s best to pick something that resonates with your purpose. Here are some recipes for different types of elixirs and the crystals best suited to their purpose and composition.

Cleansing Elixir 

While one would use water to cleanse their crystals, it’s perfectly natural (and in fact quite magical) to infuse your water with crystal energy for the purpose of cleansing. To many spiritual practitioners, one of the most common and most effective ways to do this is by filling a clean glass container with clean and drinkable water, placing your selected crystal/s inside and then leaving it to sit in the light of the full or new moon for three days. This will charge both the crystal and the water with the healing energy of the moon. The water can then be used for a cleansing bath or cleansing drink, in either tea or a straight glass of water. Always be sure that the crystals you’re using are water-safe, meaning it won’t affect the quality of the water before you consume it. The best crystals for your cleansing elixir would be essentially any type of quartz, but specifically clear quartz as its vibrations are high and it is known to cleanse the aura and align the chakras. 

To make crystal infused water for other purposes, simply follow the steps above for making cleansing water. The purpose of your crystal-infused water will change depending on the type of crystals you put in it.  

Elixirs for Love 

Love elixirs are great for opening the heart chakra, promoting compassion and harmony, and for attracting love of all types. They can be made in a few ways, either in a drinkable water elixir, into a crystal-infused oil, or into a perfume. The best crystals for a love elixir are those that resonate with the heart chakra and with properties of love such as rose quartz, carnelian, and rhodonite (best for oils, avoid consuming). 

Love Oil can be made by placing fresh rose petals into a pot of natural oil to a simmer. It’s best to use an oil that carries gentle energies like olive oil, but you may also use your own discretion. Once the oil has taken most of the fragrance and some color of the rose petals, you can turn off the heat and let it cool. You now have rose oil, which is great for intentions regarding love and opening the heart chakra. It may be strained if you prefer, but leaving the rose petals in the oil adds a little extra magic. Your love oil will then be kept in an air-tight container (preferably glass) into which you’ll place your chosen crystals. Charge in moonlight and use it for anointing yourself, your candles, or your spiritual tools. 

Love Perfume is quite simple to make, although it’s powers are everything but. If you have rose oil on hand, you can use that for a base, otherwise you can get creative and shop for some essential oils which promote love like patchouli or geranium. You’ll mix about three drops of your chosen oil with four ounces of a concentrated alcohol like vodka if you don’t have professional perfume-making ethanol. Making perfumes is an art, but it can be done with little to no experience if you have the creative gene. You’ll keep your perfume mixture inside a sealed glass jar after you’ve placed your crystals inside. 

Protection Elixirs

Although a quite important aspect of spirituality, people often forget to include protection in their list of intentions. If you’re a beginner and you don’t know where to start, always start with protection. The best crystals to use for protective purposes are black obsidian, black tourmaline, and black onyx, although black tourmaline should only be used for oils and perfumes, not for making a crystal-infused water. 

Protection Oils are best made using herbs and spices which are on the “hotter” side of the spectrum as this is believed to strengthen the protective abilities of the oil itself as well as the intention. It’s best to use a base which carries stronger energies like canola oil. Start off by crushing up your herbs and spices – cloves, garlic, red pepper, cayenne pepper, allspice and place them inside your glass container of oil. You may bring it to a simmer in a pot before this if you like, but it’s not entirely necessary. Place your crystals inside, shake it up, and charge it by the light of the sun or next to a protection candle. Because of the potency in the spices inside this particular oil, it’s not recommended to use it on your skin, but it can be especially beneficial when placed inside your purse, in your shoes, or when used to anoint a banishing or protection candle. 

Elixirs for Spiritual Enhancement are essentially made the same way as other types, with the exception of the herbs and crystals you will use. For these purposes, you’ll want to choose crystals which open the third eye and crown chakras to promote spiritual enhancement and a connection with your higher self. These crystals would be amethyst and moonstone. Both of these crystals are safe in both water and oils, so you can feel free to use them in both. 

Intuition Oil is best made using a base of olive oil as it’s the most gentle. You’ll infuse this oil with herbs such as rosemary, frankincense, chamomile, and basically anything else you feel especially drawn to. Once you’ve chosen your container, you can place your crystals inside and charge it with your intention, either under moonlight or next to an intention candle. This oil can be used to anoint your third eye and your candles during intention setting and meditation rituals.