Which Crystals Work Well Together

Crystal combinations are a magical thing as they harness the healing powers and energy from multiple crystals at once, bringing endless possibilities for spiritual, physical, and metaphysical benefits to the seeker. We’ve spoken before on how certain crystal combinations are not such a good idea, but let’s take a look at some that are. Here we’ll explore some examples of which crystals work well together and why so you can learn to create your own combinations. 

Clear Quartz and Anything

We’ve all come to know and love this master healer, with its endless healing abilities and benefits, so you probably can guess that it pairs well with virtually any stone (except selenite that is because both vibrate at such a high frequency that their combined energy tend to cause hysteria, anxiety, and stress). Clear quartz will augment and uplift the energy of any crystal it’s paired with to boost their properties and bring you awesome and healthy high vibrations. Not to mention it is an energy cleanser that instantly clears out negativity and unwanted vibrational frequencies. Put your feelers out for a crystal that resonates the energy you’d like to capture and pair it with clear quartz. It makes a great focal point to your crystal collection as well. 

The Quartz Family 

Crystals of the same chemical components (or of the same crystal family) will often work well together because they have more or less the same vibrational frequencies, or if they don’t, they do complement each other. Take amethyst and rose quartz for example; both soothe the emotions and offer comfort, one to the mind and one to the heart. Another exceptional quartz pairing would be smoky quartz and amethyst as the former grounds and cleanses energy and the latter offers peace and relaxation. 

Elemental Combinations 

Combining crystals based on their corresponding elements is another way to ensure complementing energies among your crystals. For example, fire crystals such as carnelian, fire agate, and sunstone would work well together to bring passion, creativity, and alignment to your lower chakras. Another example of crystals that work well together in the elemental sense are earth crystals such as jade, hematite, onyx, obsidian, and black tourmaline; these earth crystals keep you grounded and protected. For reference, here are some other examples of elemental crystal combinations. 

Air crystals: amethyst, selenite, labradorite, fluorite, and sugilite. 

Water crystals: amethyst, moonstone, aquamarine, blue lace agate, chalcedony, celestite, chrysocolla, selenite, rose quartz, and larimar. 

Crystal Combinations by Intention and the Chakras 

For each intention and purpose, there is a crystal combination that can help you in what you seek or need to heal from. Here are a few examples of healing areas and the crystals that work well together for them. 

For Love 

Rose quartz, green aventurine, or pink tourmaline with green tourmaline. These crystals relate directly to the heart chakra and make exceptional crystal combinations for love. 

For Prosperity 

Pyrite, green jade, and golden obsidian. These are the crystals which promote good luck and are known to attract wealth; with the intention of prosperity, they would work exceptionally well together. 

For Creativity 

Carnelian and citrine, both of which relate to the lower chakras and creativity centers, bring feelings of vitality and inspiration, making them a great pair for the intention of enhancing your creativity. 

For Meditation

lapis lazuli, auralite, celestite, selenite, apophyllite, herkimer diamonds, labradorite and clear quartz. Many of these crystals relate to the third eye and crown chakras, promoting divine wisdom and enhancing intuition, which is what you want from your meditation sessions. 

Crystal combinations can happen in pairs or in threes and even in crystal grids and in your crystal collection. When choosing crystals, always remember to feel out the energy and trust your intuition. If a crystal speaks to you on a spiritual level, that crystal would most likely work for you. If multiple crystals speak to you, consider combining them, but always feel them out. When your energy feels off, that could be a sign the crystals you’re using are not compatible. Above all else, just remember to have some fun with it and always, always speak your intention into the universe through your crystals.