Dream Manifesting Set

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This powerful crystal set includes some seriously chunky and impressive crystals.

In this collection you will get (1 of EACH CRSYTAL SHOWN in the video above) 

All natural crystals ethically sourced. This collection includes:  

2 (TWO) crystal quartz generators (approx. 2lbs 750-1kg) in weight. The video will give you a better idea of scale. These are big beautiful stones!

1 Amethyst "Dark Crystal" Shard weighing approx 1 pound (0.6kg)

2 Angel Aura freeform clusters

1 Crystal Quartz Scrying Sphere (weighing approx. 2 pounds or 1kg)

This is a centerpiece set - each crystal on it's own would make an absolutely stunning and eye-catching draw to your home or collection. The quartz in particular (you may be able to see in the video) often acts like a light-catcher, casting rainbows around your home when kept in the window/sunshine.

If you tried to buy a collection like this at your local crystal shop - you could expect to pay upwards of $970 all combined. But, as our customers know - we get you crystals for close to wholesale prices. When you buy this set, you can get the entire collection for only $395

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Dream Manifesting Set - collection
Dream Manifesting Set - collection
Dream Manifesting Set - collection