Sun Glow Crystal Set

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This stunning Sun Glow crystal set is the perfect addition to your crystal collection In this set.

Sun Glow Crystal Set

You will receive:
3 Rainbow Fluorite Points
2 Angel Aura Quartz Points
1 Clear Quartz Point

Sun Glow Crystal Set

The weight of your crystals wand is(approx) 50 grams each. The height of each wand point is 5-7cm - approx 2 (ish) inches in size.

The Rainbow Fluorite Wand is one of our medium-size categories, it weighs approx 75-110 grams (3 - 4oz). Height is approx 10 - 12cm (4-5 inches).

Gifts with Purchase:
1. The Crystal Compendium eBook
2. Spirit Sounds Meditation Music
3. The Crystal Meanings App for Android/iPhone

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Sun Glow Crystal Set - collection
Sun Glow Crystal Set - collection
Sun Glow Crystal Set - collection