Tektite Specimen

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Tektite’s Energy is unmistakable. Anyone who has seen or been in contact with this stone can attest to this. It resonates at such a high frequency that it has the ability to elevate one’s consciousness.

Given the impact it has visually, it’s no wonder that touching it will immediately raise one’s internal energy, enhancing the functions of the crown chakra to enhance ability to receive of divine messages and intuition. This makes tektite an excellent stone for anyone who is interested in dream work, past life recall, and enhancing their psychic abilities. This stone is most powerful when worn during meditative or healing sessions as it not only expands the mind to unimaginable reaches, but it also absorbs energy as it’s being released from the body.

The extraterrestrial properties of tektite makes it such a wonder to work with that it’s often difficult to explain, but it has been described as having the exceptional ability to pull energy out and downwards as if existing in its own gravitational field much stronger than that of earth’s. The way tektite works in crystal healing is by locating energetic blocks as well as dark energy and “pulling” it outwards from the body while simultaneously absorbing it. 

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Tektite Specimen
Tektite Specimen
Tektite Specimen