Blue Lace Agate Mini Gemstones (250 Grams)

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Specifications: We offer the stones in packages of 250 grams. 
This will give you approximately 85 Blue Lace Agate Mini Gemstones.

Mini Gemstones are the perfect stones to use in Crystal gridding.

Creating a crystal grid is fun, meditative, satisfying and creative for all ages!

Similar to puzzles, coloring, painting and crafting, the process of 'crystal gridding' gives you the freedom to be creative and feel the joy of making patterns that are pleasing. Follow your intuition and creativity with new patterns each time!

We also sell 250 gram bags of mini gemstones individually.  Check out each of the metaphysical and spiritual meanings for each type of stone and choose the ones that meet your intentions and help to create the magic you are looking for.

We also offer (from a growing selection) -  Crystal Gridding Kits - in our Crystal Gridding Section of our shop. 

You can also find the individual velvet gridding altar cloths in the same section to add to your shopping cart. 

Many of you already have a selection of gemstones large and small that would be fun to create crystal grids with.

Blue Lace Agate is sometimes called the communication stone, the crystal of clear speech, or the stone of balance. It is considered a gentle and calming stone.

Historically  these agates have been found dating back centuries and were used as symbols of power, and amulets for healing. 

These Blue Lace Agate mini gemstones are a beautiful addition to your collection. This is the stone of tranquility. Each stone is unique as nature has designed it to be in color, shape and size.

Blue Lace Agate is said to magnify the efforts of our day to day life, particularly with the Throat Chakra, uplifting our well being;  soothing and supporting verbalizing emotions and the ability to clearly express ourselves. 

Blue Lace Agate is a form of chalcedony which is a microcrystalline type of quartz. It is composed of silicate. Silicate is made of silica and oxygen plus one or more other elements. Blue lace agate has loops and swirl patterning which are caused by the presence of other minerals. Some of these minerals in the inclusions are nickel, manganese, iron and titanium. 

Share these beautiful pebble gemstones as gifts with your special friends and family.

Please refer to the photo above for an idea of the size of these gemstones.

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WORKING ON Blue Lace Agate Pebble Stones - tumbledstone
WORKING ON Blue Lace Agate Pebble Stones - tumbledstone
Blue Lace Agate Mini Gemstones (250 Grams) - tumbledstone
WORKING ON Blue Lace Agate Pebble Stones - tumbledstone
WORKING ON Blue Lace Agate Pebble Stones - tumbledstone