Smoky Topaz Crystal Healing Powers

Smoky Topaz crystal has recently become one of the most sought after stones in the spiritual community, and for excellent reason; its healing powers surpass those of the most common crystals. Its variegated translucent colors are trance-inducing to say the least, giving a whimsical and nostalgic feeling of a place we once knew, but which no longer exists. Its chthonic beauty mystifies, inspires, and washes over us in a wave of soft and captivating divinity. But what else makes it special?

Smoky Topaz crystal is a silicon dioxide microcrystalline mineral (or crystal) mined and distributed mainly from Brazil and Madagascar. It was first discovered in 1880 by Jacques and Pierre Curie and was one of the first ever gemstones to be inscribed. Its uses trace backwards into history for centuries, mainly in Scotland where it was known as the “National Gem”. Long before this, the Celts and ancient Druids had been aware of smoky topaz crystal healing powers and would incorporate the gem into their weaponry and amulets, its association strongly seated with the old gods and goddesses; they believed it protected against fallacies and misfortunes of the gravest sort. In Greece and Rome, this healing crystal famously bore engravings of either an archer-warrior (to protect the wearer from harm) or of a man with a raised hand, depicting judgment (to bring good luck in matters regarding law). The ancient Egyptians also wore smoky topaz crystal for its healing powers and to dispel negative thoughts and energies. Still, today, smoky topaz crystal healing powers are used in shamanistic rituals to heal physical ailments and relieve pain. It is a powerful grounding stone whose healing powers extend from the mind to the spiritual and physical body. Smoky topaz protects against negativity, fear, depression, and EMF, while instilling positive vibrations, serenity, intuition, self-confidence, and stability. 

Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn 

By the books, Scorpios are passionate, decisive, and have a strong sense of morality. They believe in justice and often feel the need for retribution; this also makes them rough around the edges, both towards themselves and others. Smoky topaz crystal healing powers help Scorpios to balance out their emotions, calming anger and impulsivity. Sagittarians are outgoing and adventurous people who are drawn to the mystical aspects of life and revel in the unknown. Sagittarius people can be too easily excitable and impulsive which often leads to questionable situations and outcomes. Smoky topaz crystal calms their overactive mind while reminding them to appreciate constancy and routine. Capricorns are known to be responsible, independent, and fixed people who aim for success, no matter what the cost. These traits, though mostly positive, can cause them to hold themselves at an unrealistically high standard and they sometimes impose this upon those they care about. Smoky topaz helps Capricorn to become more reasonable and understanding towards themselves and others, 

Planet: The Sun, Saturn 

The sun is central to our being, just as it is to our solar system. The sun’s energy encourages us to be our true and authentic selves. Saturn is the planet of introspection and self-reflection. It demands that we face our fears and darkness in order to grow. In much the same way that smoky topaz crystal healing powers encourage us to look inward, the energies of the sun and Saturn combined enhance the positive aspects of ourselves while transforming the negative. Through these celestial masses, smoky topaz allows us to manifest every intention. 

Element: Earth, Water 

The element of earth is representative of stability and that which keeps us tethered, both physically and spiritually. It is the foundation for our growth, the soil in which all seeds are planted and from which our rewards are reaped. The element of water represents fluidity and adaptability, the states of being necessary for transformation and spiritual growth. It is healing, cleansing, and purification; relinquishing control and surrendering to the will of the universe. Smoky topaz crystal healing powers are a combination of these two elements, in that it lends us stability and grounding while allowing for flexibility where necessary. It promotes ambition, empathy, and understanding. 

Vibration Number: 2 & 8

In numerology, a vibration number refers to the level at which a person or living thing vibrates energetically. The vibration number of a healing crystal depends on its structure, composition, and healing properties and indicates its power. Smoky topaz crystal vibrates at levels 2 and 8. Numerologically, the number 2 represents our capacity for empathy and compassion. It’s indicative of the way we relate to others and our ability to understand other perspectives. The number 8 signifies good fortune and success in financial matters. It lends us its energies of ambition and determination so that we may achieve our most far-fetched goals. Smoky topaz crystal healing powers hold a combination of these two magical numbers, paving the way for success. It provides us with the ambition to step forward, while instilling compassion and humility. 

Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus 

The Root chakra is the first and closest to the earth, responsible for keeping us grounded. When the root chakra is blocked or misaligned, we tend to feel imbalanced as a whole and oftentimes lose that naturally energetic feeling. This results in lethargy or a loss of motivation. The Sacral chakra is the second in our energy system and is responsible for our emotions and the ability to experience joy and pleasure. When this chakra is blocked or misaligned, it is often presented as opposite extremes; either feeling too much or not enough; either becoming attached or disconnected. The Solar Plexus chakra is the third energy center and is responsible for our mental capacity as well as feelings of empowerment. When this chakra is blocked or misaligned, we experience low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, which results in feelings of being insignificant. Smoky topaz crystal healing powers lend their energy to these three chakras, bringing our lower energy centers into balance. It helps us to regain confidence, emotional balance, and ambition. This stimulates not only the mind, but also the spirit. 

For Spiritual Healing 

Smoky topaz crystal healing powers nudge us toward introspection and reflection; looking inward opens up old traumatic wounds, but also gives us the opportunity to heal. This healing stone broadens our horizons and helps us to see with a new perspective as well as with compassion and empathy towards others (we are the collective). Becoming aware of ourselves is the first step to spiritual growth and becoming the best version of ourselves. Wear smoky topaz jewelry to open up a communication portal with the divine. 

For Cleansing and Purification 

The properties of smoky topaz revolve mainly around purification and renewal. It not only has the ability to remove negativity, but because of its affinity with the sun, it also revitalizes our natural sense of vitality and refreshes the life force. Smoky topaz crystal healing powers resets our mental and spiritual programming, making room for new experiences and feelings of happiness. Meditating or praying with smoky topaz will allow its healing energies to enter your auric field and cleanse your being a whole. 

For Love Healing 

With everything happening in the world, it’s easy to lose sight of our most basic and natural inclinations. Love and physical connection is something that takes the backseat, more often than not in everyday life. Opening up the three lower chakras, smoky topaz activates our energies of desire, passion, and intimacy. It restores libido and encourages affection, physical intimacy and overall feelings of love and pleasure. This beautiful stone also helps us to build and strengthen our relationships with others, romantic, platonic, or familial, and promotes empathy and compassion for harmony in these relationships. Gifting smoky topaz jewelry is a beautiful gesture towards a loved one. 

Meditating with Smoky Topaz Crystal 

Meditating is quite a beneficial practice on its own, but incorporating the use of healing crystals adds powerful and magical energy that can open up the chakras in a way that’s not experienced by many. Usually, it’s recommended to use two crystals instead of one when meditating with healing stones; this lends balance, which is what it’s all about. The crystal you are focused on and wish to receive from should go in your left hand. In your right, you should be holding your balancing stone. In this case, a smoky topaz in your left hand, and a quartz crystal in your right. Smoky topaz crystal healing powers will help to keep you grounded, while revitalizing the lower chakras to promote healing in the most vital parts of your being. 

Smoky Topaz Crystal in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the arrangement and rearrangement of items and furniture to allow for the healthy free-flowing energy in the home. It uses symbolism in the same way that the five elements do, in order to improve the flow of chi (universal life force). In Feng Shui, a bagua map is used to divide the space, area, or home into 8 sections, each representing a specific area of your life, determined by the energy in those areas. In Feng Shui, smoky topaz crystal is associated with wood- referencing the combination of its earth and water elements. It brings stability, grounding, good health, wealth, and abundance. For these purposes, smoky topaz is best suited for the East and Southeast baguas of the home or workspace; the areas responsible for Family, and Wealth and Prosperity, respectively. 

Crystals Pairings for Smoky Topaz Crystal 

Pairing healing crystals is a sure and effective way to boost the magical properties of both crystals combined. Usually, it’s best to pair two stones of similar color or composition, but a little contrast is always good for balance. For cleansing and purification purposes, pair any crystal with clear quartz or selenite, two master healers and augmentative stones. For protection, balance, and grounding, pair any stone with black obsidian or black tourmaline. Remember to exercise caution though, as pairing two stones of similar frequency can cause extreme heightening of energy (anxiety/hysteria) or extreme lowering of energy (depression). To best benefit from smoky topaz crystal healing powers, see the suggested pairings below. 

To Stimulate the Root Chakra

When the root chakra is blocked or out of balance, we can become disconnected from ourselves as well as from our sexuality. To stimulate the root chakra and promote healthy physical connections, pair smoky topaz crystal with Red Jasper, Hematite, or Bloodstone. 

To Heal a Broken Heart 

Smoky topaz crystal healing powers are strongly associated with letting go of negativity and escaping stagnation, which is necessary when trying to heal a broken heart. To restore your sense of self, independence, and self love, pair smoky topaz crystals with Amazonite, Rhodonite, Aquamarine, Malachite, or Rose Quartz. 

To Heal Depression 

If you’ve ever struggled with depression, you’ll know how difficult it is to get out of the darkness. Smoky topaz crystal healing powers help us to see the positive in every situation and instills a new sense of hope. To help lift depression, pair it with Citrine, Sunstone, or Crazy Lace Agate.  

To Protect Against EMF (electromagnetic radiation)

To protect against the negative effects of EMF and 5-G, pair smoky topaz with Shungite, Snowflake Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, or Hematite. 

Caring for Smoky Topaz Crystal 

Healing crystals lend their energies of protection and cleansing, but over time, they can become tainted with stagnant energy. Cleansing your crystal is just as important as using crystals to cleanse yourself. Bathe smoky topaz crystal in gentle rays of sunshine to charge it with powerful energy, or in moonlight to absorb the energies of the moon. Sage, Palo Santo, or any smudge of your preference can be used to cleanse stagnant energy from your crystals which are sensitive to water, like smoky topaz. To form a bond after cleansing your crystal, hold it in your hands or wear it as jewelry. This will personalize its healing powers and improve its effectiveness on your behalf. 

Manifesting with Smoky Topaz Crystal 

Manifesting is as simple as it is grand. In the same way that you fantasize about your desires, think of them intently and visualize them as formations of your reality. Meditate with a smoky topaz crystal to manifest its healing powers. Wear smoky topaz crystal jewelry to hold its energies close. Practice chakra healing by placing smoky topaz crystal on parts of the body you wish to heal. Lastly, make a crystal grid using any combination of crystals to amplify your intention through smoky topaz crystal healing powers.