Healing Benefits of Carnelian Crystal

Crystal healing is one of the simplest and most natural ways to manifest your desires on a daily basis. The practice dates back thousands of years to when one of the very first crystals was found, what would be known today as clear quartz crystal. The ancients believed that this crystal was ice, water immortally frozen, and thus deemed it magical. They would fashion spears, knives, and blades of all sorts from this crystal with the belief that it would imbibe the weapon with its powers. Later came lapis lazuli and other forms of quartz crystal. Perhaps the most intriguing discovery was that of Carnelian. While lapis lazuli was associated mostly with spirituality and divine communication, carnelian in contrast was associated with Kings, royalty, and wealth. But aside from the obvious superficial fascination with gemstones, what healing benefits does Carnelian offer? 

Carnelian crystal is a silicon dioxide variety of the mineral chalcedony with colors ranging from light brown to pink and orange, or light grey to dark grey. Its color and energies suggest vitality and enrichment in all aspects of life. The ancient Egyptians called this stone “the setting sun” and would engrave amulets of carnelian crystal to lay alongside the dead; this was believed to give the soul safe passage into the afterlife. In ancient Greek and Roman times, carnelian was one of the twelve stones on the Breastplate of Aaron, worn by high priests; in this setting, it represented Reuven, Jacob’s first born son and is believed to have been chosen for its properties of strength and courage. Because carnelian is associated with blood (the life force), the Hebrews often used it to keep away illnesses, diseases, the plague, and injury. Much has changed since those times, but the healing benefits of Carnelian crystal remain the same throughout the centuries, with only its uses having evolved. It is known to promote creativity, individuality, and self esteem. Carnelian is a stabilizing stone which enhances physical, mental, and spiritual vitality while lending courage, strength, and motivation to the wearer. This powerful manifestation stone will banish apathy, lethargy, and negative emotions replacing them instead with motivation, determination, and positivity to bring success and abundance into a healthy life. Since the historical uses for Carnelian revolved largely around death, this stone dispels fears by helping to understand and accept the circle of life and all its experiences. It also promotes sexual stamina, passion, and love. 

Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo  

Taureans, although known for being stubborn in their beliefs, can sometimes be too soft-spoken. Carnelian gives them the courage to speak their truth when it matters the most. Creative and emotional Cancers are often affected by mood swings and impulsivity. The stabilizing energies of carnelian helps them to regain emotional balance while keeping them grounded and focused. Leos are passionate, fiery, and opinionated; the healing properties of carnelian are complemented well by this sign, and in areas of conflict, it brings them balance. Virgos are logical and practical people by nature, which can sometimes result in a lack of passion; carnelian reignites their flame and reminds them to think with the heart.  

Planet: Mars, The Sun 

Astrologically, the Sun represents the ego, inner self, and willpower; its powerful energies of life and vitality are embedded in carnelian and flow freely through the sacral chakra during meditation. Mars, the god of war, is the planet of passion, aggression, and sexuality; its fiery energies, through carnelian, help to restore intimacy and fierce determination through all aspects of life. These energies flow healthily through the root chakra during meditation. 

Element: Fire 

As the element of both creation and destruction, fire lends energy, vitality, and passion. These energies are reflected by carnelian’s healing properties which strengthen willpower and bring courage to the seeker. 

Vibration Number: 5 & 6 

In numerology, each number or combination of numbers corresponds to a particular energetic vibration. Each crystal and healing stone has a vibrational frequency that is unique to its structure, shape, size, and color. This number determines the level at which the stone itself vibrates energetically and therefore how it responds to different areas of our being. Carnelian crystal vibrates at levels 5 and 6, both of which have different effects on different people. The number 5 represents freedom, progression, versatility, and adaptability. It is the adventurous individual who loves exploring new places, people, and adventures. Through the healing benefits of carnelian crystal, one’s perception is broadened to promote spiritual growth and empathy. The number 6 represents love, harmony, healing, honesty, and justice. It is the naturally care-taking individual and the peacemaker. The healing benefits of carnelian crystal through this vibration number provides balance and stability, keeping one grounded wherever they go. 

Chakra: Root, Sacral 

The Sacral chakra (second chakra) is located just under the navel and is responsible for energies regarding sexuality, creativity, and emotions. It governs the flow of information between the mind and body; when this chakra is imbalanced or closed, one can become disassociated and out of touch with one’s own feelings, resulting in emotional stagnancy, overindulgence, and a lack of libido. Orange or red carnelian crystals open and unblock the sacral chakra, restoring motivation, courage, and self-confidence. The Root chakra (or base chakra) is responsible for the energies of stability, focus, and accomplishment; when blocked or closed, one will become unmotivated, anxious or agitated. The healing benefits of carnelian crystal, through the root chakra will help one to fulfill their needs, encouraging productivity and success. 

Spiritual Healing with Carnelian 

The healing benefits of carnelian crystal are wide and diverse, but even in its versatility, the spiritual self is the main benefactor. Carnelian carries the powers of the sun, stimulating natural revitalization of the soul and spirit. It promotes transcendence from the material plane to the ethereal and lends its properties of spiritual growth to the wearer. Meditating or praying with carnelian will help to communicate with spirit guides and form a deeper connection with the divine. While it balances and stabilizes the emotional being, carnelian also brings to light the aspects of oneself that require acknowledgement and healing. 

Mental Healing with Carnelian 

Being a human person alive in the world today can be a mentally exhausting endeavor, to say the least. Too often, the burdens and worries of daily life accumulate to settle and sit at the back of the mind, causing depression, anxiety, and mania. If you’ve struggled with chemical imbalances in the brain, you’ll know what I mean. The grounding energies of carnelian crystal clear out negative thoughts and emotions to balance the mental state. Under the influence of carnelian energy, mental chaos recedes, providing an organized and quieter mind which allows you to focus on one thing at a time. Its revitalizing energy lends a fresh perspective and helps to boost self-confidence for an overall healthy mind. Wear carnelian crystal on any type of jewelry to maintain healthy energetic flow between the body and mind. 

Physical Healing with Carnelian 

Aside from the many other healing benefits of carnelian crystal, this stone also aids in healing the physical body. Its relationship to the lower chakras is evident in its ability to heal the reproductive organs, specifically the uterus, vagina, and testicles. Carnelian promotes healthy blood flow, relieving menstrual cramps, skin irritation, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. It enhances the functions of the circulatory system, improving the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Incorporate the use of carnelian healing crystal into holistic therapy sessions to better nurture the physical body. 

Meditating with Carnelian 

The incorporation of healing crystals into your meditative practices is a highly effective way of ensuring healthy energetic flow throughout your entire being. The healing benefits of carnelian crystal are ten times more evident when this stone is used in meditation and it’s such a simple thing to do. You don’t need to switch up anything about your meditation routine- simply hold a carnelian crystal in your left hand and a clear quartz crystal in your right hand. Clear quartz will purify the energy circulating in your auric field while carnelian crystal will help to stabilize the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical body. While in your meditative state, focus your intent and visualize the revitalizing energies of carnelian becoming absorbed into your being. Just remember to cleanse the stone before and after. 

Carnelian in Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is the arrangement and rearrangement of items and furniture to allow for the healthy free-flowing energy in the home. It uses symbolism in the same way that the five elements do, in order to improve the flow of chi (universal life force). In Feng Shui, a bagua map is used to divide the space, area, or home into 8 sections, each representing a specific area of your life, determined by the energy in those areas. Relating to the element of Fire, carnelian represents warmth, energy, and illumination. The ideal placement for this stone is in the South and Southwest areas of the home, the areas responsible for Fame & Reputation and Love & Relationships, respectively. This will allow carnelian’s energies to freely and most effectively throughout the home or workplace, providing energetic balance. 

Caring for Carnelian Crystal 

Because crystals absorb and dispel energy, they tend to become weak or tainted with stagnant and negative energy, so it’s important to cleanse and charge them every so often. Carnelian may crack or the color might fade if left in direct sunlight for too long, but there are other ways to cleanse its energy. Give it a shower or bath in either regular water or moon water. Moon water is water that has been left out under moonlight to charge. Using this moon-charged water has a simultaneous cleansing and charging effect. Another way to cleanse your carnelian is smudging it with sage or Palo Santo (virtually any type of smudge that resonates best with you). After your stone has been cleansed, it’s important to bond with it. Do this by holding it in your hands or by wearing it as jewelry. Charging, bonding, and aesthetics all in one.

Crystal Pairings to Manifest with Carnelian 

Pairing healing crystals is a sure and effective way to boost the magical properties of both crystals combined. Usually, it’s best to pair two stones of similar color or composition, but a little contrast is always good for balance. For cleansing and purification purposes and to augment the energy of the paired crystal, pair carnelian with clear quartz or selenite, two master healers and augmentative stones. For protection, balance, and grounding, pair any stone with black obsidian or black tourmaline. Remember to exercise caution though, as pairing two stones of similar frequency can cause extreme heightening of energy (anxiety/hysteria) or extreme lowering of energy (depression). To best take advantage of the healing benefits of carnelian crystal, have a look below.  

To Manifest Creativity 

One of the more magical properties of carnelian crystal is its ability to enhance creativity. The stone itself lends a multitude of healing benefits, one of the most common being to enliven the imagination, and not just for the naturally artistic, but for anyone needing a little extra color in life. To encourage happiness and stimulate the creative part of your brain, pair carnelian with Orange Calcite, Vanadinite, Lapis Lazuli, Aragonite, or Tangerine Quartz.

To Manifest Abundance 

Promoting wealth and abundance is another healing benefit of carnelian crystal. It is known to bring good luck and fortune with its horizon-expanding energy and its ability to focus the mind. To attract wealth and abundance in all aspects of your life, pair Carnelian with Pyrite, Tiger’s Eye, Green Aventurine, or Citrine.

To Manifest Sexual Drive & Fertility 

In all its magic and mystery, carnelian is known to enhance passion and intimacy, as well as sexual stamina and fertility. Its fiery energies will help to rekindle a flickering romance while its affinity with matters of love will strengthen emotional connections. If intimacy is something you’re lacking in life, or if you’re needing some luck in trying to conceive, pair carnelian with Moonstone, Lepidolite, Red Garnet, Celestite, Fluorite, Rhodonite, or Rose Quartz. 

Manifesting is simple really, but the benefits are quite grand. Meditating with carnelian crystal and any of its crystal partners will restore vitality, self-confidence, courage, strength, and creativity for optimal health of the mind, body, and spirit. Wearing carnelian crystal as jewelry will keep its energies close to your own energetic field, purifying and strengthening your aura. To further benefit from the healing powers of carnelian, incorporate it into your spiritual practice. A candle and a carnelian is the perfect embodiment of strength and resilience.