16-Piece Crystal Classic Generator Kit

$109.00 $199.00

16 stunning and unique crystal from all corners of the earth. This was the very first crystal collectors kit ever featured on Spirit Magicka, and it is still a beauty!

In this collection you will get: green fluoriteobsidiansmokey quartzaventurineclear quartzsodalitecolorful fluoriterose quartzcoquina jasperlabradoritestrawberry green quartzhowliteamethystlapis lazuli, dream amethyst, and citrine wand.

With a set like this, you will have a stone for every occasion. Included in each order, is our crystal gemstone meanings ebook - so you will have a handy reference for what each stone is used for!

16 Unique Gemstone Wand Collectors Pack

Like this stunning citrine... (long thought by spiritual humans to help attract wealth and prosperity) is there anything prettier then crystals in sunlight? These are mother natures works of art!

16 Unique Gemstone Wand Collectors Pack

And Rainbow fluorite never fails to impress! Look at those colors? Can mother nature seriously be any more amazing? One of our favorites... those colors are just so amazing. You will have 16 such beauties to admire, when you order this collectors set.

16 Unique Gemstone Wand Collectors Pack

And YES, all of the crystal / gemstones that you receive, are REAL stones, nothing artificial in our shop! And, all of our stones are ethically sourced.

The weight of your crystals will ranges between (approx) 50 grams and 70 grams (approx 2 oz).

The height of each wand point is 6-8cm (approx 3 inches) sizes are approximate and not exact.

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