19-Piece Tumbled Cube Set 75% OFF

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Experience the enchantment of our 19-Piece Tumbled Cube Set. Each polished gem carries the magic of geometry, radiating harmony, balance, and manifestation energy. Embrace the beauty within these sacred cubes and unlock infinite possibilities. Enjoy savings when purchasing sets compared to purchasing each stone individually.


  • (1 pc) AMAZONITE - Communication. Soothing. Harmony.
  • (1 pc) BLUE SANDSTONE - Confidence. Vitality. Ambition.
  • (1 pc) BLUE SPOT JASPER - Nurturing. Grounding. Balance.
  • (1 pc) CITRINE - Abundance. Joy. Manifestation.
  • (1 pc) CLEAR QUARTZ - Clarity. Vitality. Energy Amplification.
  • (1 pc) DALMATIAN JASPER - Playfulness. Grounding. Protection.
  • (1 pc) DRAGON'S BLOOD - Courage. Strength. Transformation.
  • (1 pc) DREAM AMETHYST - Intuition. Relaxation. Connection.
  • (1 pc) GREEN AVENTURINE - Prosperity. Luck. Emotional Wellness.
  • (1 pc) GREEN SPOT JASPER - Nurturing. Protection. Balance.
  • (1 pc) LAPIS LAZULI - Wisdom. Truth. Inner Vision.
  • (1 pc) OBSIDIAN - Protection. Grounding. Transformation.
  • (1 pc) OPALITE - Spirituality. Transformation. Divine Connection.
  • (1 pc) RED JASPER - Grounding. Strength. Stability.
  • (1 pc) RHODONITE - Balance. Forgiveness. Wellness.
  • (1 pc) ROSE QUARTZ - Love. Compassion. Emotional Wellness.
  • (1 pc) RUBY IN ZOISITE - Passion. Vitality. Growth.
  • (1 pc) SODALITE - Intuition. Logic. Communication.
  • (1 pc) TIGER'S EYE - Courage. Confidence. Protection.

💚 Tumbled Cube Benefits: The square shape of a crystal cube symbolizes stability, structure, and grounding energy, enhancing its properties of manifestation and organization.


Size *All sizes are approximate. *Each one of a kind crystal will vary.
Tumbled Cube Size

MYSTIC LORE, LEGEND & DISCLAIMER: Through the ages, crystals and stones have been collected and prized for their timeless beauty, for their rich history and even their potential spiritual and metaphysical properties! We love the idea that crystals may have mystical properties, but please be aware... nothing we sell comes with any sort of mystical guarantee! 😉

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