36-Piece Ultimate Crystal Collectors Kit🤩

$94.00 $330.00

Our most diverse collection of crystals, stones and minerals... ever. This is a crystal collectors dream-kit, since it includes so many natural selections. As usual... our kit prices are the best-priced way to get a LOT of crystals for very little cost by comparison to what you might pay for these individually.

Here's what this kit includes:

(1) Aventurine point
(1) Obsidian point
(1) Flash labradorite point
(1) Tiger's eye tumbled cube
(1) Aventurine tumbled cube
(1) Agate geode
(1) Fluorite octahedron
(1) Fairy amethyst cluster
(1) Rough citrine shard
(1) Selenite stick
(1) Amethyst cluster
(1) Rough quartz
(1) Desert rose
(1) Rough tiger's eye
(1) Rough fluorite
(1) Rough lapis lazuli
(1) Smoky quartz cluster
(1) Salt stone
(1) Lava stone
(1) Celestite geode
(1) Rough black obsidian
(1) Rough amazonite
(1) Rainbow kyanite fan
(1) Black kyanite fan
(1) Rough rose quartz
(1) Rough ruby in zoisite
(3) Amethyst shards
(3) Quartz shards
(3) Citrine shards
(1) Tektite

Total collection weight approx: 1kg (approx. 2.2 pounds)

This kit features such a natural variety of crystals, stones and minerals. Not only does it display beautifully.. for collectors, it's the variety of natural pieces that really makes this set appealing! You get everything that you see in the photos (note, note all crystals are labelled in the photos) please consult list above for complete list of included crystals.

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