4-Piece Pillars of Quartz Set

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This crystal set includes four of the most beautiful crystals from our shop! Included in this collector's set is EVERYTHING you see in the photo. Which includes 1 Angel Aura Quartz, 1 Rose Quartz, 1 Citrine, and 1 Amethyst crystal points.

4 Crystal Angel Set - collection

These crystal points are wonderful-sized stones to carry with you or hold in your hand. Place the crystal points around your home, or use them for meditation, or your sacred altar.

Angel Aura Quartz has an iridescence that shines like the wings of angels. It is thought to encourage loving communication. In new age spirituality it is thought to be closely connected with the Crown, Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus, and all the star signs.

Rose Quartz is considered the stone of love, all kinds of love to include self-love, friendship, romance, familial love, and more. It serves as a gentle reminder that the most important person to love and nurture is yourself.

Citrine with its yellow color is thought to be connected to the sun, holding the energy of light and positivity. It can be a reminder that you make a conscious choice to be happy every day and take a positive approach to life.

Amethyst is sometimes called the dream stone, the crystal of creativity, or the crystal of spiritual enlightenment. It is prized for its beauty and stunning purple color. It is a variety of quartz that is formed in molten lava!

4 Crystal Angel Set - collection

Point (wands) sizes are approx 50 grams to 75 grams (2 - 3 oz) and approx 5-8cm 2-3 inches.

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