Afghanistan Jade Balance & Citrine Abundance Set

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Being in balance is helpful in day to day life. When we allow ourselves to spiral into an abyss of negativity, everything just feels bigger and harder.  Just taking time to breath in and out a few times and feel the best we can in every situation shifts us into a higher vibrational state.  Afghanistan Jade is the stone of balance. It is thought to be good for art, emotions, and energy flow.  It is sometimes called the stone of longevity, the crystal of creativity.  

The Afghanistan Jade + Citrine Balance + Abundance Set includes: 
 1 Afghanistan jade point
- 8 citrine shards

Copy of WORKING ON NEW Afghanistan Jade Balance + Abundance SetAfghanistan Jade is thought in new age spirituality to be closely connected with the Crown, and the star sign for this crystal includes Gemini.

Citrine is universally known as the wealth and abundance stone. Many people love to keep a piece of citrine in the wealth corner of their home, their wallet or nearby their workstation as a token of prosperity.

📏 2"-2½" 
📏 5-6cm

Citrine Shards
📏 1" to 1½"
📏 3cm 

*All sizes are approximate and may vary somewhat.
*Each crystal & stone will vary slightly in appearance. Each beautiful and unique in it's own way.

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