Angels & Amethyst Crystal Kit

$39.00 $68.00

This crystal kit includes 1 beautiful angel aura quartz cluster, plus 30 fairy amethyst clusters! This is an incredibly powerful combination that packs a serious spiritual punch!!

Each collection will vary a little from crystal to crystal as nature makes no two crystals exactly the same. The thing they all have in common though is their stunning beauty!

Angel Aura Cluster - clustergeode

Angel Aura Quartz, also known as opal aura quartz cleanses the aura and can facilitate deeper and higher levels of meditation. It is a peaceful and tranquil stone, useful for communication with angels, spirit guides, and other teachers.

Angel & Amethyst Crystal Kit - collection

Amethyst is considered to be a very spiritual stone, that also connects to the higher realms. It's thought to stimulate creativity, dreaming and inspiration!

Your gemstone cluster will weight approx 100-175 grams (4 - 7oz). All clusters will vary somewhat in size and shape. The mini clusters are approximately 10 grams each.

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