Velvet Cosmic Star Altar Cloth


This Cosmic Star Altar Cloth is made of high grade velvet fabric with gold color screen printing. Use over and over making beautiful crystal grids. 
Size: 59*59cm (metric) 23 x 23 inches (imperial)

Velvet Cosmic Star Altar Cloth

Crystal grids placed in your home are said to manifest your desires. 
Crystal gridding is also creative and fun.

Purchase a beautiful Velvet Cosmic Altar Cloth to build your grids on.

Incorporate the crystals you already have at home and add to your collection of crystals.
We have a wonderful selection of mini gemstones and tumbled gemstones that are a delightful size to place onto your grid.
We also have a large selection spheres and wands.

Be inspired by some of the grids we have created.

Velvet Cosmic Star Altar Cloth

Creating a crystal grid is fun, meditative, satisfying and creative for all ages!

Similar to puzzles, coloring, painting and crafting, the process of "crystal gridding" gives you the freedom to be creative and feel the joy of making patterns that are pleasing. Follow your intuition and creativity with new patterns each time!

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